Speaker Bios

 Raleigh Seamster             Program Manager, Google Earth Outreach
  Raleigh helps nonprofits use Google's mapping tools through organizing trainings like the Geo for Good User Summit, figuring out how to bring our program to new countries like Canada & Australia, and other projects. She has been with the Google Earth Outreach team for 3 years and at Google for a total of 6 years. Before Google, Raleigh served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, worked at the nonprofit American Councils for International Education, and studied cultural anthropology at James Madison University.
Karin Tuxen-BettmanGeo Specialist, Google Earth Outreach
Karin Tuxen-Bettman has been with Google Earth Outreach since 2008, helping nonprofits use Google's mapping tools for their work. She focuses much of her work on helping them collect ground-level Street View imagery of the amazing places in which they work. Her most recent project involves the measurement and mapping of air quality information for climate change and human health. My background is in GIS and remote sensing, and I earned my graduate degree in environmental science from UC Berkeley in 2007 (Go Bears!).
Tanya BirchProgram Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Tanya Birch is a Program Manager at Google Earth Outreach. With an academic background in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara, she has been part of Google Earth Outreach for 5 years and at Google for 9 years. Prior to Google, she researched human elephant conflict in Sri Lanka with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society. At Google, she's applied her experience working with mapping for the non-profit sector to helping public benefit organizations learn to use Google's powerful mapping tools and Android mobile technology to further their missions

Sean AskayDeveloper Advocate and KML Tech Lead, Google Earth Outreach
Sean has been on the Google Earth Outreach team since 2007. He specializes in geo-spatial data visualization and has a keen interest in geo-storytelling. He has extensive experience creating complex KMLs maps, Google Earth tours and is a co-author of Spreadsheet Mapper.
Christiaan AdamsDeveloper Advocate, Google Earth Outreach
Christiaan is a Developer Advocate, GIS specialist, and KML designer with the Google Earth Outreach team, where he helps nonprofits to use Google's online mapping tools to tell their stories, visualize their data, and share their work work with the world. Christiaan focuses on working with Crisis Response and Conservation organizations, as well as imagery partners. His background is in Environmental Engineering, Technology Policy, GIS and international development. When he's not playing with maps, Christiaan can be found biking, hiking, or "fixing" things in his workshop.
 Allie LieberProgram Manager, Google Earth Outreach
Allie Lieber is a program manager on the Google Earth Outreach team. She manages the software grants program and is now focusing on health mapping.
David ThauSenior Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine
Dave Thau helps scientists, NGOs, and other partners build software and algorithms that run on Earth Engine, Google's geo analysis platform. Prior to joining Google, Dave worked for many years helping ecologists and biodiversity researchers integrate their systems into distributed collaborative networks.
 Tyler Erickson Senior Developer Advocate, Google Earth Engine
 Tyler is a developer advocate working on the Earth Engine geospatial analysis platform. In this roll he helps institutions and individual partners understand and utilize the capabilities of Earth Engine and related geospatial tools. Prior to joining Google, Tyler worked in academia leading projects on geospatial analysis, visualization, and the design of geospatial data systems. He is also the former technical committee chair of AmericaView, a non-profit consortium of remote sensing scientists that support applied research, higher education, and technology transfer.
 Brian SullivanSenior Program Manager, Google Ocean & Earth Outreach
 Brian has always enjoy the diversity of the latest technology as well as the opposing and complementary untouched wilderness. He has managed digital divide programs in West Africa and worked as a strategy consultant across financial services before joining Google in 2007 with the Partner Strategy and Analytics group. Now happily housed in geo, he works with academic, governmental, commercial, and nonprofit institutions to leverage Google's geospatial platforms to further environmental research, communication, and public engagement. Various attempts to forage and live off the land in survival situations have been met with mixed success but were always humbling, fun, and occasionally left him a bit peckish for a buttered porcupine fajita ash-cake!

John BaileyProgram Manager, Google GeoEDU

Until last year John Bailey was a professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has a MPhys in Physics and Space Science from the University of Kent at Canterbury, and MS & PhD in Volcanology & Remote Sensing from the University of Hawaii, where his research focused on understanding the evolution of volcanic landscapes using satellite data. The release of Google Earth (in 2005), had a huge impact on his career path as it was the perfect tool for geomorphology studies. At that time John was postdoc at the Alaska Volcano Observatory and was able to the develop ongoing collaborations with the Google Geo and Education teams, that ultimately led him to him joining Googler as one of the newest members of the Earth Outreach team last February
 Julian Mann    

 Developer Advocate, Skybox

Julian Mann is an entrepeneur, data enthusiast, and aerospace engineer and originally from Ukiah, CA. He co-founded Skybox Imaging where he led product management and technical teams spanning satellite systems, mission operations software, data processing and storage systems, and analytics and information products and services. Julian has joined Google as the Developer Advocate for Skybox, working with both commercial and non-profit partners to leverage the unique remote sensing capability that Skybox has brought to Google. When not working to change the world’s use of remote sensing data, Julian can often be found racing sailboats in the San Francisco bay and off the California coast.
 Lori Savageau

Program Manager, Google Map Maker Community

Lori Savageau is a program manager on the Google Map Maker Community team, which supports Map Maker users in their ongoing efforts to create a comprehensive world map. Lori has been a part of the Google Map Maker team for nearly two years. Before joining Google, she worked in the trade publishing industry as a marketing associate for several children's publishing companies. Her educational background is founded in writing, including an undergraduate degree from Emerson College, and two Master's Degrees in English and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, where she has since taught creative writing to undergraduates.
 Josh LivniTechnical Program Manager, Crisis Response
 Josh is a Technical Program Manager on the Crisis Response team at Google, focused on enabling developers to tell compelling stories using the Google Maps API's. As you read this, he's probably writing code, thinking about snowboarding, or both.
 Randy SargentVisiting Scientist, Google Earth Engine | Senior Systems Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University
As Visiting Scientist in the Earth Engine team, Randy helps research and develop explorable timelapse maps, including a recently-released global timelapse map mosaicked from 29 years of Landsats 4, 5, and 7.  At Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab, Randy helps research and develop ways to explore and understand many types of massive, time-series data.  Prior to CMU and Google, Randy helped develop prototype rovers in NASA Ames’s Intelligent Robotics Group, and has founded/co-founded three successful technology companies.  Randy received his BS in Computer Science from MIT, and his MS from the MIT Media Lab, where he developed the Programmable Brick, a research prototype for LEGO Mindstorms.
 Paul SaxmanDeveloper Advocate
 As a developer advocate, Paul is dedicated to helping developers make the most out of Google's developer products. He helps developers build cool and compelling apps, advocates for them with our product and engineering teams, and fosters communities working with Google technologies. As an informaticist, Paul looks for new ways to make data perceptible to the mind and imagination.
 Lauren NemroffProgram Manager
Lauren Nemroff is a program manager at the Google Cultural Institute in London where she leads the platform’s exhibition strategy. She collaborates with GCI partners to bring their collections and stories online to engage audiences worldwide. Lauren is also an art historian who earned her Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, her field of specialization is Chinese art history. She has held fellowships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts - National Gallery of Art. She served on the faculty of Reed College in Portland, Oregon as Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities. Her interest in the intersection of culture, commerce and technology led her from academia into the tech sector, first as a Senior Books Editor at Amazon.com and later as the content programming lead for Google Books and Books on Google Play.

Google Geo Leadership
 Rebecca MooreEngineering Manager, Google Earth Outreach & Earth Engine
Rebecca Moore is a computer scientist and longtime software professional. At Google, she conceived and leads the Google Earth Outreach program, which supports nonprofits, communities and indigenous peoples around the world in applying Google's mapping tools to the world's pressing problems in areas such as environmental conservation, human rights and cultural preservation. Rebecca also initiated and leads the development of Google Earth Engine, a new technology platform which supports global-scale monitoring and protection of the earth’s environment. Rebecca received a bachelor’s degree with honors from Brown University in Artificial Intelligence and a master’s degree from Stanford University. Her personal work using Google Earth was instrumental in stopping the logging of more than a thousand acres of redwoods in her Santa Cruz Mountain community